About Degmor

Our company

Degmor is the industry leader in full service environmental disaster and remediation services.   Our in-house, fully licensed, certified and cross trained staff of technicians are ready to assist with all of your environmental remediation needs 24/7/365.  Utilizing state-of the-art technologies, Degmor is trusted by the premier healthcare service providers, commercial real estate firms and institutions throughout the Northeast region.
Our approach
As a one company solution to our clients environmental and disaster related remediation needs, Degmor is fully adept at handling a multitude of environmental issues separately or simultaneously.  By ensuring that our technicians are cross trained for all environmental issues, our clients can count on Degmor to be their one stop solution provider.  Setting the standard for the industry means protecting the safety and well-being of those we serve.  Our team of experts will assess your situation and act quickly to stabilize, contain and decontaminate damaged areas.
The Degmor Difference
Fully certified and/or licensed, cross trained remediation technicians on call 24/7
Fully integrated remediation services
The highest level of liability insurance
Resources to handle jobs large and small
State-of-the –art equipment and technology
The solution to all your remediation needs

Why choose Degmor?
In an ever changing and complex world, the benefits of working with the leader in environmental remediation are many. By setting protocol and procedure for our industry, Degmor can insure that your property, employees, and clientele are protected from the hazards of environmental disaster.  In the event of liability issues, Degmor will stand behind you and certify that it has taken all necessary steps and implemented all regulatory industry procedures in remediating your loss.  The peace of mind in choosing the correct environmental remediation firm is crucial to not only the recovery process but in the knowledge that you have an ally to protect your interests.

Degmor will respond to your emergency immediately and can provide all necessary equipment to handle any size job.  Our facilities and staff are on 24/7 standby including holidays and weekends.